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Finance Options for You: Buying or Leasing Your Vehicle

Financing can be confusing. It can also be a little scary for newcomers. That's alright! You have many financing options available to you when purchasing or leasing your next vehicle. When buying your next car or truck, you can either get a loan to buy and purchase it outright, or you can take on a lease and simply lease your vehicle for a specific period of time.

Which option is right for you? When buying a vehicle, you pay for it in cash, so to speak, from your bank or you can shop around for various lenders and get…

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Where Is Brake Fluid Stored?

Before you flush your brake fluid, you better know where it is located, right? You have many liquid storage containers on your automobile. Which one is for the brake fluid?

The brake fluid is stored in the "master cylinder." You should look through your owner's manual, before you work on your brakes. It is important that you do not allow your brake fluid to run dry. If you do, air could get in your brake lines. This could lead to "squishy brakes."

When air is in your brake hoses, it creates "voids."

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Keep it Like New! But, How?

Your new car may be an investment, sometimes for fun, luxury, sport, or just plainly for family convenience. You are sure to want to keep your new vehicle running like new and in excellent condition. You want it to remain reliable, sporty, and fun for the family to utilize.

The way to help to keep your vehicle running like new is to keep your scheduled maintenance regular for your new car for preventative upkeep. With regularly scheduled maintenance, you can help to be assured that your new vehicle will be ready when you need it...

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