5 Reasons To Buy The New 2018 Lincoln Navigator

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At Pines Lincoln Dealership in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we believe that the perfect driving experience awaits you in sleek, American-engineered luxury. It’s 2018, and the new Lincoln Navigator has been given an updated look along with high-tech features, increased storage and hauling capacity, and a turbocharged V6 engine. With seating for up to seven, and twenty-three highway miles to the gallon, you’ll be sure to drive in style and ride in excellence with your new 2018 Lincoln Navigator.


1.    Style


The 2018 Lincoln Navigator has been given a new take on a classic design. Headlights sit up high above a sleek grill, beset with the renowned Lincoln emblem. And new, multi-faceted body panels give this luxurious SUV a refined and modern look.


Tranquility abounds inside the warm, attractive interior. While you take control of the roadways in this gorgeous feat of modern engineering, the plush, upscale cabin will keep you and your passengers safely cocooned from any highway noise, even as you move the needle forward. Imposing and regal, you’ll drive in style with the new 2018 Lincoln Navigator, an American classic.


2.    Convenience and High-tech Features


Not only is the 2018 Lincoln Navigator a show-stopper in looks, it’s brimming with convenient, high-tech features that will keep you and your passengers comfortable and entertained even during extended drives. Rear seating even boasts its own separate entertainment system. Along with comfortable accommodations trimmed in modern, contemporary aesthetics, touchscreens, automatic climate control, and WIFI hotspots will make the 2018 Lincoln Navigator your home away from home.


3.    Spacious Capacity


With the 2018 Lincoln Navigator, there’s no shortage on legroom. While most SUVs skimp on backseat spacing, the third row in the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is just as roomy as the others. Adjustable bolsters will also give you ample leg support.

With no need to worry about your passengers’ comfort during extended commutes, riding in the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is like taking your living room out of the home and onto the highway.


Cargo room has also been generously extended in the 2018 Lincoln Navigator. With over 120 cubic feet of space once the second and third passenger rows are folded, you’ll never worry about having enough space to haul again.


Speaking of hauling, the new 2018 Lincoln offers superior towing capacity. With the ability to haul your other prized possessions weighing up to a massive 8,700 pounds, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is a leader in its class.


4.    Power


This is not your father’s SUV, when horsepower was only 380. Horsepower is up to 450 with the 2018 Lincoln Navigator, thanks to its new and powerful 3.5 liter-V6 engine. Not only is this SUV a polished and snazzy head-turner, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is a turbocharged powerhouse, and the ride is exhilarating.


5.    Experience


Chic and classy on the outside, beautiful and comfortable on the inside, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is an experience in driving ingenuity you won’t soon forget. Modern convenience, high-tech features, and superior leg room and top-notch hauling capacity make the new 2018 Lincoln Navigator the pinnacle in luxurious driving.


Here at Pines Lincoln Dealership in Fort Lauderdale, we are 100% committed to your driving satisfaction. Step inside Pines Lincoln today and take advantage of our new Spring sales event and experience first-hand the beauty and power of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator.  

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