The New Lincoln Navigator Redefines Luxury SUV

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Whatever people thought about Lincoln in the past, it should be forgotten. The company might have been struggling to get their vehicles in the limelight, but with the release of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator, their status increased immensely. So much so, that the vehicle even won the title of North American Truck of the Year.

The Navigator is bold, stylish, flashy, and everything an SUV dreams of being. It sets itself apart from other truck-like vehicles by placing quite some thought into practicality and comfort, without compromising its capabilities. Lincoln hit gold with this new and improved model and redefined what “luxury SUV” should mean.

Some Technicalities

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator sounds terrific on paper, and you may fall in love with it even before you see it. It’s equipped with a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine that powers up the entire car with 450 horsepower.

As far as its towing capability go, it can achieve up to 8700 pounds, making it one of the most powerful SUVs on the market. Additionally, it comes with a 10-speed transmission whose job is to stabilize the vehicle and ensure a safer, less bumpy ride.

Why It’s So Great

The first thing people notice about this car is its great looks. The 2018 Lincoln Navigator is, quite simply, a beautiful car, something rather difficult for big, imposing SUVs to achieve. But its sleek design that effortlessly combines traditional American style with modern elements makes it look like the perfect accessory to those trying to project the idea of luxury.

And that’s just the exterior. Hop inside, and the Navigator welcomes passengers with subtle touches of leather and mahogany shades, three rows of seats and enough cargo space to carry large luggage or whatever else needed.

But since you can’t judge a book solely by its cover (however a convincing argument it may be), there are enough perks in the Navigator’s functionalities and technology to make its case.

For starters, it has all the features you’d expect in an SUV, coupled with some nice extra functionalities. A push of a button can lower or raise the third-row seats when needed, and passengers can control the rear-seat entertainment system using some high-quality touch screens.

An Extra Push

It looks good, it feels great, but how does it perform?

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator is doing pretty well in that department, especially regarding ride quality.

For instance, the interior of the car is practically soundproof, so engine or street noises won’t disturb the passengers inside the vehicle. Drivers can benefit from light and adjustable steering, making any ride not only more comfortable but arguably safer for everyone on board. The drive mode can be set based on weather or terrain, so even newer drivers can feel in control behind the wheel.

Is It for You?

The purpose of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is to offer more people a shot at a luxury vehicle. It’s fair to say that more companies will most likely follow in the Navigator’s footsteps, but so far nobody comes close.

If you want to get your hand on one, schedule an appointment with Pines Lincoln now and get behind the wheel. We are a professional Lincoln Dealership in Fort Lauderdale and our experts can help you find the right car for your needs, whether it’s the new Navigator or another model.

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