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Why Should You Only Be Buying Car Parts from Pines Lincoln?

The number of reasons that you should only be buying all your auto parts from the dealer far outweigh the fact the prices are lower at discount parts stores. These are a couple things to consider before you buy parts for a repair on your vehicle in the Pembroke Pines area.

The dealership carries everything you might need for your car from the battery, shocks, wipers, filters, hoses, to belts. If you need a part, the dealership has it in stock. The parts being sold at the dealership are made of superior components and designed to fit perfectly in place…

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Trunk Or Treat Safety Tips

Halloween season wraps up the night of Halloween when everyone gets to go trick or treating. However, there are many events in this area that can provide you and your family with some Halloween fun in the week leading up to the big day. A trunk-or-treat is one of these events that is both safe and fun for everyone to participate in. At these events, participants back their trunks up to a common, open space.

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2016 Lincoln MKX is Modern Luxury At Its Finest

In the halcyon days of the Lincoln brand, large, artful sedans were the rule of the road. Now, this mantle is returning in modern form not just with the automaker's cars, but also their crossovers of which the 2016 MKX is one of the first. With an opulent, state-of-the-art interior and a dash of exciting performance, the new midsize CUV is a prime example of modern Lincoln.

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How to Get a Custom-Fit Seat for Your New Lincoln MKX

You have very specific proportions that don't quite fit the standard seats most automakers put in their cars. It leaves you with cramps, aches, and stiff muscles after a long haul behind the wheel.

Do you need to pay thousands of dollars extra for a bespoke seat?

The Lincoln MKX offers innovative "Multicontour Front Seats" to give a custom fit for every body type, and it might just relieve your pain.

Lumbar support, seat back bolster, seat cushion bolster, seat tilt, headrest position, thigh extender, and massage settings. These are just a few of the 22-way adjustments available with…

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Chef Knaue Explains the Importance of Cooking

Since the beginning of time, people have gathered together for meal time. Whether you're huddled around a fire, or sitting at the dining room table, food, and good cooking, is all about building connections.

That's why Chef Ian Knaue is passionate about teaching people how to cook.

For him, the connections forged by cooking are not just between friends and family members, either. Knaue grew up on a family farm, and learned how to work the fields from a young age. Though he hated the hard work at the time, now he appreciates looking at food, and seeing…

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The Revel Ultima Sound System Can Re-Wire Your Brain

Does music affect your brain? Science says it does, in very deep, significant ways.

Have you ever heard a song you haven't listened to in years, and found yourself remembering exactly where you were the last time you heard it? You remember who you were with. You remember the name of that person you used to have a crush on, whom the song always reminded you of.

What ever happened to them?

This happens because music engages the hippocampus. That's the part of your brain responsible for emotions and memories. It's why you don't just remember…

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