The Lincoln Continental has been around for a while. The car was first developed in 1938 as a prototype for Edsel Ford, the president of the Ford Motor Company at the time (Ford purchased Lincoln, which now operates as a subsect of the parent company). The Continental started as lower-riding version of the Lincoln Zephyr, but it soon progressed and evolved into its own model with its own distinctive taste. The first mass production of the Lincoln Continental was in 1939, when the “First Generation” came out. Since then, the Lincoln hasn’t looked back, and the 2017 Continental will leave you speechless. Here’s why:

The engine is a powerhouse. 

The Lincoln Continental has an available engine that is twin-turbocharged 3.0L GTDI V6, with up to 400 horsepower. The Continental also gets around 400 pounds of torque, with Dynamic Torque Vectoring that will help keep your ride as smooth and powerful as possible. The 3.0L is available with reserve models. The horsepower-per-liter output is solid and efficient, and the car also has an AWD powertrain available.

The interior of the Continental is convenient and attractive. 

The interior of a car should never be neglected, as that is what the driver will have to interface with the most out of all of the aspects of the car (in addition to the handling). Having a nice, comfy ride for you and your passengers is important. The seats have a wide range of motion, allowing you to find the perfect position. There is an E-Latch door handle, which opens the door electronically. There is also a rear seat package, so you’re not neglecting your backseat passengers. The backseat is no longer lame; these seats have power lumbar support, heating and cooling capabilities, a reclining feature, and lots of leg room.

The audio system is crazy. 

There’s no other word for it. If you’re someone who likes their music loud (or, at least, you want to be able to hear it), this audio system will match your tastes. The Revel Audio System has nineteen speakers and three different listening modes, with speakers smoothly inserted into the doors for the perfect listening experience.

There is driver-assist technology to make your ride as smooth as possible. 

The 2017 Continental has adaptive cruise control, with stop-and-go features, meaning that you can keep it in cruise control until you stop (as opposed to until you slow down a lot). There is also camera and radar to keep you alert to your surroundings at all times, and the Continental can sense and adjust to the speed of nearby cars. The stop-and-go of the car is smooth, meaning that you’re not going to be getting whiplash every time you have to break quickly. Additionally, the Continental has Pre-Collision Pedestrian Detection, which uses radar to sense whether or not there is a pedestrian around that you should watch out for.

And, last but not least, the exterior appearance is classic. 

The Lincoln Continental was deemed “The First Car of Hip Hop” by Rides Magazine because of its elegant, classic appearance. The Continental was one of the first cars to make appearances in music videos once rap went from underground to mainstream. Pretty much every video had the classic Continental in the background and, when it comes to flash and beauty, nothing has changed. The exterior of the 2017 Continental is sculpted and smooth, with a distinctive shiny grill and angular shape. It’s a car for the ages and continues to be one.

The Lincoln Continental is one of the most classic cars in American history, with roots in eras of music and social life. However, this car isn’t old. Its cutting-edge technology and appearance show that it is still on top, and the 2017 model will leave you speechless.