If you’re looking for a luxurious car that isn’t just beautiful, but also a powerhouse, the Lincoln MKZ is for you. Lincoln Motor Company has been around for nearly 100 years, and they have perfected the art of making sleek cars that are functional and gorgeous. In this article, we will give you eight reasons you should buy the new Lincoln MKZ, a midsize sedan that is the luxury brand’s first hybrid.

#1:  It’s been redesigned. 

The Lincoln MKZ was always beautiful, but it’s now been given a “facelift” with a new grille and a fully-retractable panoramic sunroof. The grille is upward-facing, and the Lincoln emblem is more clearly visible as well. The appearance is also extra-sculpted, giving it an aerodynamic advantage.

#2: The sheer horsepower is incredible. 

The Lincoln, despite its smooth appearance, is nothing to trifle with. It gets 400 horsepower in its AWD model, which possesses a 3.0 GTDI engine. 400 horsepower is something you would imagine seeing in a heavy-duty truck, but in this case, luxury and strength are combined.

#3: Good gas mileage. 

Another misconception about luxury cars is that their gas mileage is not that great. This is untrue when it comes to the Lincoln MKZ. The MKZ gets 21 miles per gallon in the city and 31 on the highway, an increase from earlier models.

#4: The hybrid is available. 

While the hybrid has less horsepower (around 188), its gas mileage is higher than in the other model. It gets up to 41mpg in the city and 38 on the highway, with a curb weight of a little over 3,800 pounds. The hybrid model is very fuel efficient.

#5: Updated cruise control. 

In prior models, the Lincoln MKZ, when put on cruise control, would only slow down to 15mph before handing control back to the driver. However, in this new model, the car will remain on cruise control until the driver comes to a full stop. This is yet another improvement that places this new MKZ ahead of its siblings.

#6: The technology is incredible. 

There are twenty speakers in the Lincoln MKZ. The Revel Audio System will ensure, as the company says, that “No note is left unheard.” The Lincoln MKZ also has a SYNC 3 and MyLincoln Touch system. SYNC 3 is very responsive both to voice and touch, and the new hardware and software are a departure from older models, which, while great, weren’t as advanced as this one. SYNC 3 is different than the regular SYNC that some may be familiar with because this 3 version has a newer voice-activated technology that is fresh out of the Lincoln lab.

#7: The safety features are excellent. 

When driving, there are a lot of split-second decisions that you may come across, whether you have to brake suddenly or accelerate to avoid getting sideswiped. The Lincoln MKZ’s technology comes with an available Pre-Collision Assist feature with Pedestrian Detection that can tell if someone is behind the car, alerting you to stop so that you don’t cause an accident.

#8: The car is easy to handle. 

In addition to the horsepower, the car is easy to handle and very nimble. There is an available “Driver’s Package” that combines Dynamic Torque Vectoring with the horsepower and the aerodynamic appearance, meaning that the car is easy to handle despite its size and power, making for a controlled, smooth ride.


There are a lot of luxury cars out there, but none are as storied and well-designed as the newest Lincoln MKZ. This updated car contains a total redesign of both the exterior and the interior, as well as new technological advances for an unforgettable experience.