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The extensive range of vehicles in the Lincoln brand makes choosing one of these cars, a genuine pleasure. Yet, before they visit a Lincoln dealership in South Florida a lot of people pause to consider whether to look at rivals brands too.

Weighing up different options is always a smart move but how do the best Lincoln models compare to the rest?

The Lincoln Continental

In terms of good looks, the all-new Lincoln Continental for sale in 2017 stands shoulder to shoulder with the best models in the luxury sedan market. The Lexus LS 460, BMW 5 Series, and Mercedes-Benz S Class are among the main rivals for this car and the quality on show leaves most other brands floundering in its wake.

David Woodhouse is Lincoln’s design director and he recently called the Lincoln Continental’s appeal “quiet luxury”. It certainly has all of the maturity and elegance that people shopping for luxury sedans expect and demand.

There are a few features that help to make this model stand out even more. For instance, the 30 way adjustable front seats, the powerful engine, and the optional Lincoln Black Label features make this a car that impresses just about everyone who slides into it. 

The Lincoln Navigator

The full-size SUV market is a hugely competitive part of the American car industry, with many terrific models jostling for space. The Lincoln Navigator has a lot in common with the Ford Expedition but stands apart from its relative in the Ford range thanks to a distinctive design and a higher level of comfort and luxury.

Toyota has models such as the lower-priced Sequoia and the higher end Land Cruiser. Meanwhile, the Nissan Armada and GMC Yukon offer lots of space and durability but perhaps lack the visual appeal and style of the Navigator.

The Chevrolet Suburban is another roomy SUV that does a good job but that some people feel lacks a certain je ne sais quoi. All in all, the combination of toughness, quality, and performance offered by the Lincoln Navigator is hard to beat.

The Lincoln MKZ

In terms of the top mid-sized sedan out there, the Lincoln MKZ is more than capable of standing up for itself in the face of some fierce competition. The Acura RLX and Audi A6 are a couple of popular models that people tend to consider, although the Lincoln car has a level of luxury that blows drivers away.

Among the top points to bear in mind when heading to a Lincoln dealership in South Florida is that this vehicle comes with far more features as standard than most of its rivals. It is also quick off the mark and gives a more exciting performance than many drivers expect from a mid-sized sedan.

It is clear to people who visit our Pines Lincoln Dealership that the models we have on show can compete with the best that the rest of the world has to offer. Whatever type of vehicle is on a person’s mind, there is almost certain to be a Lincoln model that gives them food for thought.