Every driver knows the standard for oil changes. 3,000 miles is what we've been preached to our entire lives. If you want to maintain your car, you better have it serviced regularly and have the oil changed. While this is mainly true, we have also been misled in a slight way.

Car enthusiasts are suggesting that while an oil change at 3,000 miles is nice to do, it is not required by most vehicles. The new average is 5,000 miles. Most car owners having their oil changed at 3,000 miles is just wasting fresh oil and spending money on unnecessary car servicing.

Oil is the fluid that keeps your engine's mechanical parts moving properly. Oil keeps everything lubricated nicely and reduces unnecessary heat under your hood. Excessive heat can cause unwarranted problems with your engine and the components that make up your engine. Always ask a professional about your particular make and model to make sure you do exactly what pertains to your vehicle.

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