Known as the "Venice of America," Ft Lauderdale, FL has a lot to offer. The city got that name because of the canals that run through the city and the water taxis that can transport you to some of your favorite places. That's not the only thing the city has to brag about, though. Read on to see why people love living in Fort Lauderdale.

Beaches507 × 340

With 23 miles of sand and sea, deciding which beach to go to might be the hardest decision you'll make that day. Doing some fishing? Go to Deerfield Beach and watch the fishermen at the International Fishing Pier. Take another look at the historic lighthouse over at Hillsboro Beach. Go diving or charter a boat over at Pompano Beach. These are just a few of the beaches you can relax and sunbathe.


With an average low of 57°F during winter, retirees will love the mild winters in the city. Summers are hot with a high of 90°F and can get humid, but there's also a big chance of rainfall during the summer months of June - September.  

Great Dining and Bar Options

Fort Lauderdale has an abundance of restaurants and bars to choose from. What are you in the mood for? Feel like seafood tonight? How about Italian? There are Peruvian, Mexican, Thai, and so many other choices that have been recognized by Florida's top magazines and critics. You'll never run out of restaurants or bars to try, even if you eat out every weekend.


There's a vast variety of shopping places to go to. Visit the high-end shops at Las Olas Boulevard or do some retail therapy at The Galleria, Swap Shop, or some other mall. 


With the diverse culture that we know Fort Lauderdale for, there is no shortage of cultural centers, art galleries, museums, and performing arts centers.


Kayaking at Anne Kolb Nature Center, fishing and canoeing through a state park, walking through a park, and a visit to Butterfly Park are always interesting. Explore the Fern Forest Nature Center and Helen Klein Pineland Reserve.


Cycling, skating, roller derby, are popular sports in the city. Brian Piccolo Park & Velodrome is a popular spot for cyclists and in-line skaters. Xtreme Action Park with its indoor roller skating rink, bowling alley, and trampoline park is a favorite of the young.


Fort Lauderdale isn't only for retirees, but families with children will also benefit from living here. Several of its more than 100 private and public schools are ranked among the top 20 best schools in the state. The city is home to one of the best private schools in Florida, Pine Crest School, which has an excellent reputation in athletics and academics.
You'll love living in Fort Lauderdale, and on the occasional day that you might want to drive outside the city, Miami is just half an hour's drive away. Stop by Pines Lincoln for your car's maintenance check before you go!