Buying a brand-new car is a thrilling experience, but buying a new-to-you vehicle can be just as exciting. Plus, it's bound to save you money and allow you to get behind the wheel of a nicer car than you thought possible. Discover three reasons to purchase a pre-owned vehicle.

1. Cost Savings 320 × 240

A pre-owned car will cost you thousands less than if you'd bought that exact same model new. New cars depreciate significantly once they leave the dealership lot. Therefore, you can likely find a lightly used car that's in great condition and has few miles on it but has already taken a big depreciation hit. Less depreciation occurs later in a car's lifetime (typically after three years), so if you do choose to sell your pre-owned car at some point, you'll experience less devaluation than its original owner did.

You'll also see cost savings in other areas. Pre-owned cars typically have fewer sales tax and qualify for lower insurance and registration rates, depending on the state. Because the vehicle price is lower than what you'd pay for new, if you finance the car you'll end up paying less interest on your total loan.


2. Reliability

When you buy a brand-new car, industry authorities haven't yet had time to truly gauge its quality, safety, and reliability. Only after a few years can they determine how high a car ranks in the dependability department. Pre-owned cars, on the other hand, have already been put to the test. You can research car rankings, reviews, and data to determine which makes, models, and years are holding up best. This information can help you choose a vehicle that will last for many more years to come. 

Pre-owned cars also come with a history. Before signing on the dotted line, you should ask to see the car's vehicle history report, which will include ownership and accident history, among other details. This report allows you to weed out cars that might be flawed, have a history of major repairs, or haven't been well taken care of. Most dealerships will provide you with this report for free, but you can also pay a small fee to buy the report online.

3. A Nicer Car

If you're longing for a popular model or premium brand you can't afford new, you might be able to find one in your price range pre-owned. Similarly, you might be able to score a higher trim level, special performance package, or other bells and whistles on just a slightly used car. 

Searching for pre-owned cars can expand your vehicle options significantly. The result isn't just necessarily a cooler car but one that's potentially safer and more reliable. Typically, the higher the mileage on a pre-owned car, the lower price you're going to find. If you're comfortable buying a car with more miles, you can likely seriously upgrade your ride.

When searching for a new car, pre-owned vehicles can be diamonds in the rough. Consider the cost-savings, proven track record, and ability to get a nicer car than you'd otherwise be able to afford.