There is nothing better than a hot cup of coffee to kick-start your day. You will find plenty of great coffee joints perfect for coffee fans in our city. Most cafes serve excellent traditional and locally roasted coffee to give you that much-needed caffeine. Here are some of the best coffee spots in and around Ft. Lauderdale.

 1. Ann's Florist and Coffee Bar 341 × 242

If the idea of enjoying a hot cup of coffee while surrounded by beautiful, fragrant flowers appeals to you, then head over to Ann's Florist and Coffee Bar. The nicely decorated shop has an entire wall decorated with fresh roses giving it a unique look. You can opt to sit inside and enjoy the ambiance, or you can enjoy some excellent drinks on the patio. The coffee shop also has some delicious macaroons, sandwiches, and various delectable pastries.

 2. Brew Urban Café

This lovely café has fascinating décor. As you walk into the shop, you get to soak in the well-organized library, the cozy couches, and the unique doors. This fantastic coffee place's main idea was to unite the community through inspiring music, charity, and outstanding art while giving people an unbeatable coffee experience. Guests get to pick their favorite coffee from various espressos, refreshing cold brews, and pour-over coffees. You can also choose some delicious baked goods.

3. Wells Coffee Co

Wells coffee shop has some great beverages and snacks. Apart from providing other businesses with top quality coffee beans, guests can also enjoy some fantastic coffees at this coffee place. You get to pick from a wide selection of lattes, cold brews, and espresso drinks. Try their delicious horchata, and you will understand why this lovely café is overflowing with loyal customers. There are various delectable pastries with gluten-free options.

4. The Alchemist

This cozy coffee shop located at Wilton Manors has it all: great ambiance, delicious drinks, exceptional coffee, and finger-licking good food. The indoor space has a bohemian feel, with beautiful plants and fascinating art. The coffee shop offers a broad range of drinks ranging from cold brews, cappuccino, fruit juices, and hot chocolate. They also serve various delectable food options like pizzas, gluten-free desserts, salads, and their signature sandwiches, which they refer to as "Slicers."

5. Calusa Coffee Roasters

Stop by Calusa Coffee Roasters for some expertly roasted coffee drinks. Conveniently located by the highway on Commercial Blvd, this shop offers incredible pull over coffees, lattes, and espressos. Calusa sources only top-quality coffee beans from reputable coffee growers to ensure their customers get the best coffee experience. You can either sit in the cozy café and order an espresso or pour-over or take home a bag of high-quality coffee.
Grab your favorite coffee drink at some of these authentic coffee shops in this fascinating city. After your coffee run, contact Pines Lincoln, and we will help you acquire a dependable, classic car from our outstanding selection of vehicles.