Not only does sunny Fort Lauderdale have some gorgeous beaches, but it's home to some of the most delicious pizza joints. Keep reading to discover where to find the best pizza in town.

Luigi's Coal Oven Pizza  407 × 273

Luigi's Coal Oven Pizza stays true to its Italian roots by using fresh Naples ingredients and pizza preparation techniques. Locals love the flavor that the coal ovens bring to the pizza. However, pizza isn't the only thing that goes into the coal ovens. Luigi's Coal Oven Pizza also throws their calzones and chicken wings in the coal ovens.

Check out the delicious food categories on their menu:



         Fried appetizers

         Coal oven chicken wings

         Coal oven pizzas

         Specialty coal oven pizzas

         Panini sandwiches

         Coal oven calzones


         Side dishes


Manhattan NY-Restaurant and Pizza

Who knew you could get outstanding New York-style pizza all the way down in Florida? Manhattan NY-Restaurant and Pizza is always swarming with locals and local news station cameras. They offer yummy menu items as well as top-notch deals and specials.

Their menu offers many choices, including pizza, plates of pasta, desserts, salads, wings, and so much more. Manhattan NY-Restaurant and Pizza also has an extensive catering menu with lots of appetizing options.

Big Louie's Pizzeria

Big Louie's Pizzeria has satisfied the city's locals for years with its addicting pizza and Italian food. They've made their ordering process effortless using the Slice app and even offer free delivery! Their menu is massive, offering everything from pizza to appetizers to salads and so much more.


Pete's-A-Place is one of the highest-rated pizza places in the city because of its outstanding food and service. They offer a couple of different delivery options through Uber Eats, the Slice App, and Postmates. Check out what Pete's-A-Place has to offer:

         Specialty pizzas

         12-inch subs

         Dinner entrees

         Calzones and Pete's-A-Pockets



         Side dishes

If you're trying to feed a large group or party, consider taking advantage of the Pete's-A-Place catering service. They offer half trays and full trays of rigatoni, stuffed shells, salads, and more that can feed up to twenty people.

Pie-zan's Home of Frankie Meatballs

Pie-zan's Home of Frankie Meatballs is another excellent place to enjoy New York-style pizza and scrumptious homemade meatballs. However, pizza and meatballs are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what this pizza joint offers. See what else you can order at this restaurant:

         Starter dishes





         Pasta dishes



Pie-zan's Home of Frankie Meatballs also utilizes the Slice app for ordering, so you can enjoy their pizza without having to leave your house or hotel!

This beach city is loaded with tons of fantastic pizza joints. If you're in town, make a point to try Luigi's Coal Oven Pizza, Manhattan NY-Restaurant and Pizza, Big Louie's Pizzeria, Pete's-A-Place, and Pie-zan's Home of Frankie Meatballs. After you fill up with Italian food, be sure to stop by and say hi to your friends at Pines Lincoln!