Once you find out how much your vehicle is worth, it's time to get what you deserve. And if you don't feel like searching for the best way to find out your value, let us do it for you at Pines Lincoln. We've got a reliable tool that will help you determine how much you can expect when selling or trading your car.

And if you want to trade your car to our dealership, you can tackle it all in one seamless process. Let us find your trade-in value with one of the most widely used tools in the industry. And we can get it done in less than 20 seconds.

The 20-Second Valuation

We use the same Black Book® tool used by dealers in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Hollywood, and across the nation. This tool will give you the most accurate valuation for your car. And there's no obligation to sell or trade your vehicle to us after you use our free tool.

The first step will be to enter your vehicle information. We will need the current vehicle year, brand, mileage, and zip code. You won't need to enter any unnecessary information after that.

Value Your Trade at Pines Lincoln

If you've got 20 seconds, we can help you find the right numbers for your vehicle. Get an accurate valuation of your vehicle's worth so you can know what to expect in return. We're here to help make your selling or trading process easier.

Remember, you don't have to do business with us after you use our free tool. But, once you see that we're a fair and upfront dealership, you may want to continue doing business with us. And we've got an excellent selection of new Lincoln and pre-owned inventory on our lot if you'd like to use your balance as a down payment.