The 2020 Lincoln Continental is one of this year's foremost competitors in its class of value-oriented luxury vehicles. It crushes the competition with omnidirectional road surveillance, predictive safety features, advanced cruise control, and a luxurious interior.

1. Next Generation Road Surveillance 

320 × 240

Lincoln drivers need not worry about blindspot collisions and tailgating, since the Continental's blind spot is monitored by rear-facing traffic cameras. The same camera array connects to the vehicle's central computer system to alert the user of dangers due to intersection and cross traffic.

The Continental also sports hydro-sensitive windshield wipers, which automatically activate in the presence of rain. Last but not least, front and rear bumper cameras cover all ground-level angles for ease of parallel and precision parking.

2. Predictive Safety Features

The Continental's front bumper is rigged with an intelligent safety system designed to recognize and prevent collisions before they occur. Frontal cameras scan the road for hazardous objects and activate the vehicle's breaks automatically to avoid an incident. Most auto collisions occur in the twilight and darkness, but Lincoln drivers are always prepared with long-lasting automatic headlights.

3. Advanced Cruise Control

Although drivers are advised always to keep their hands-on the wheel and eyes on the road, there's a lot the car can help you with when you're driving a Continental. With its lane keep assist and lane departure management, this vehicle can effectively drive itself indefinitely on long flat stretches such as the highway and freeway.

4. Extreme Comfort and Capacity

This Lincoln features critically acclaimed 30-way adjustable Perfect Position seats. This feature allows for drivers to maintain healthy posture whilst feeling the g-forces of a 400-horse power engine. The cabin is furnished with recognizably luxe materials such as leather, aluminum, hardwood, and chrome. At the center of the driver's display sits an 8-inch touch screen interface for entertainment and navigation. It sports redundant physical and digital interfaces for all types of users.


For those who love listening to music as they drive, a surround sound system of 10 speakers fills is oriented about the driver's seat. Even higher quality Revel-13 and Revel-19 sound systems can be purchased when you order your vehicle, for extra audio power and sub-range. Other entertainment features include: 

         Built-in satellite radio

         Bluetooth connectivity protected by a driving lock

         Multiple USB ports for charging and exchanging data with personal devices

Interior Space

The Continental has plenty of room for the whole family with it's 106.4 cubic feet of passenger space. It also has a significantly above average trunk capacity of 16.7 cubic feet.

During the coming months, thousands of Americans will be leasing their own Lincoln Continentals from home, starting at $411 per month. After you order your lease, you can safely enter a Lincoln dealership and drive a Continental off the lot while observing social distancing guidelines. If you're ready, contact Pines Lincoln today to learn more or to get started on your lease. If you want to test drive, come on down and see us!