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Common Causes of Engine Overheating

Taking care of your vehicle is important to keep it in optimal condition. If you notice that your engine is overheating, it should be inspected by a mechanic immediately. When an engine that overheats isn’t inspected, it can cause damage to the cylinders, valves, pistons, and bearings, which can be costly to repair. If you want to know why your vehicle’s engine may be overheating, read further.

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This is How to Jump Start Another Car Easily

Here are the necessary steps for jump starting your car from another car.

  • To make things easier, it is advised that you get both cars as close to each other so the jumper cables can reach both car batteries easily.
  • With the cars in park and engine off, open both of the hoods and locate the terminals on each battery. 
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Power and Handling: Two Reasons to Choose the Lincoln MKT

The 2018 Lincoln MKT provides the ultimate driving experience for Pembroke Pines car enthusiasts. The new model lineup is impressive and features a different engine for each trim. You can also customize your drivetrain in some of the higher-up trims, like the Lincoln MKT Reserve. If you are looking for better handling, Lincoln has also made some upgrades to the suspension and brakes in the latest version of the MKT.

At the base model, the Lincoln MKT Premiere trim delivers a 3.7-liter V6 engine that can put out 300-horsepower. Front-wheel drive is standard in this trim. 

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The Lincoln MKC is an SUV That Delivers

The Lincoln MKC is a popular crossover SUV that delivers a smooth and entertaining ride for all the vehicle passengers, front and back. The comfortable suspension and the easy-to-use infotainment system is coupled with convenient and stylish features for an enjoyable outing for all.

Everyone in the vehicle can benefit from the outside light provided by the Panoramic Vista Roof, which comes with a power sunshade to keep your vehicle's temperature down when the sun is high. 

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Specs of The New 2018 Lincoln Navigator

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The new 2018 Lincoln Navigator has been given a host of high-tech features that are keeping this luxury vehicle on the forefront of modern convenience and design. Stunning, stylish, and engineered to perfection, you’ll be sure to love the new amenities that make the 2018 Lincoln Navigator here at Pines Lincoln Dealership a total head-turner and master of the roadway.
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5 Reasons To Buy The New 2018 Lincoln Navigator

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At Pines Lincoln Dealership in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we believe that the perfect driving experience awaits you in sleek, American-engineered luxury. It’s 2018, and the new Lincoln Navigator has been given an updated look along with high-tech features, increased storage and hauling capacity, and a turbocharged V6 engine. With seating for up to seven, and twenty-three highway miles to the gallon, you’ll be sure to drive in style and ride in excellence with your new 2018 Lincoln Navigator.
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Driving Safely on a Spare Tire?

When you have a flat tire, you need to get it changed so you don't do additional damage. Driving with a flat can damage the tire and the wheel, and it can lead to poor handling. Putting on your spare tire is the correct first step. But what should you do next?

If you have a "donut", which is a compact temporary tire found on many sedans, you need to be careful. \

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